Our Objectives

Shiran Viraj

Our Objectives

Main objectives of the Media-Human Rights organization is to help people who are affected due to floods, natural disasters, landslides and earth quakes and other disasters. Also the organization is concerned with the people who have affected due to the 30 years prevailing long war situation in the country. Many women and children have become destitute due to the war because their father or husband had died in the conflict. Organization is committed to the needs of and promote the health and welfare of poor persons, orphans, destitute, mentally retarded and physically handicapped and sick people. Particularly by the provision of resources and other assistance, whether financial or otherwise either to such persons or to or local organizations dealing with the needs and requirements we are helping. We formulate schemes to provide employment and self employment opportunities for the people specially for women who can self employed in various works with a little capital. The organization also identify and support of extraordinary talent in agriculture, education, sports, Medicine, Science or any other field or skills that people may possess.

Media-Human Rights also take every effort to popularize the studying of international languages and to promote unity and harmony, act as a mediator in between the different communities for creating the goodwill among the people to produce sustainable socio economical development and environmental protection in the Island. We encourage you to become a member of this organization, participate in the many activities and or get involved as a volunteer. Donations and or a legacy in your will are welcome in this regard.

“Together we can make a Difference”


Our vision is to promote, encourage, or assist people with measures such as education, skills-building, instruction, awareness and advocacy calculated to improve conditions of human life in Sri Lankan society.


The mission of the Media-Human Rights is to provide persons with developmental and other disabilities the residential facilities, care and services that will meet their physical, spiritual and psycho social needs in order that they will realize a quality of life that is valued by society.


“Under promise – Over deliver”